Antonio Nardi: selection of credits


MOODSONIC - Biophilic soundscapes for workplaces and hospitals


WESTFIELD Insurance Group - Sonic Logo, Brandsound
HB REAVIS Workspace Provider - Sonic Logo, Earcons, Sync for adverts, Soundscapes for offices
ESC European Society of Cardiologists
IKEA Russia / Mega brand
SOKOS Hotels
CITYCON Shopping Centres


UNIBAIL-RODAMCO - Soundscape composition for public spaces
TALLINK CRUISE COMPANY - Generative music composition
CRISIS Charity
KEKALE Shopping Centres


CROWN INDUSTRIES - Music composition for video, directed by Benjamin Huguet
WELLCOME TRUST / CRICK INSTITUTE - Music for 'KOSMOS', film directed by Ben O'Connor
CENTREPOINT - Music composition annual campaign
CRISIS - Christmas advert 2017
BELTONE - Sonic Logo design and composition, Brandsound composition
INTERTON - Sonic Logo design and composition, Brandsound composition
EG EUROGENERICI - Music for corporate ad
REGIONE TOSCANA - Music for Laboratorio Integrazione
HAMMERSON - Soundscape composition for Family Room in malls in Britain and France
RESOUND - Sonic Logo design, soundscape composition for lobby, Brandsound composition
ITALIE DEUX Paris - Sonic Logo, soundscape composition for public spaces
VOX CINEMAS Dubai - Soundscape composition for lobby, IMAX, 4D Experience
AL ZAHIA Dubai - Soundscape composition for residential complex, 70 miles outside Dubai
MAJID AL-FUTTAIM - Music composition of podcast elements
MAJID AL-FUTTAIM - Soundscape composition of public spaces for Mall of Emirates
HELSINKI AIRPORT - Generative music composition
JOSHUA KANE Fashion Event - Sound Design
CROWN INDUSTRIES - Music for corporate video series
PAOLO VALLESI - Music orchestration and recording for LP and Sanremo performance


CRISIS 'Impact report' campaign videos - Music composition
ULEMISTE Shopping mall (FIN) - Generative music composition, Christmas adaptation
VIENNA AIRPORT (AUS) - Generative music composition, Christmas adaptation
CABOT CIRCUS Shopping Mall, Bristol - Generative music composition
CUCINA CASALINGA corporate video - Music and Sound Design
CRISIS Christmas marketing videoclip - Music and Sound Design
TOM BRYAN's 'DREAM JOB' - Music composition
SAINSBURYS marketing campaign 'More crop per drop' - Music composition
DAWN - usic for video game teaser, dev. Claudio Pollina
JOSHUA KANE - sound and post production for JK promo videos
CROWN INDUSTRIES (commercial) - Music for series of commercials
SAINSBURYS: More crop per drop (commercial) - Music for marketing campaign
TOTAL LOSS (film) - dir. Simon Hatton
LA SOLUTION RADIOCHAT - (film) dir. B. Huguet


PATRIOT (film) - dir. Eva Riley Trailer
OUT OF SIGHT (film) - dir. Nick Rowland
AFTER THE END (3D anim) - dir. Sam Southward
THE ARCHIPELAGO (doc) - dir. Benjamin Huguet Trailer
SEA CHILD (animation) - dir. Minha Kim Bada ai trailer
PIOGGIA DENTRO (film) - dir. R. Marzocchi
Medicus (commercial) for Medicus brand
Office romance (commercial) for brand
FAIRUZ (film) - dir. Shady El-Hamus Fairuz trailer
CAMBODIA CALLING (doc) - dir. Anna Snowball Cambodia Calling trailer


CORNWALL (documentary) - dir. B. Huguet
ICECREAM SIMON (animation)- dir. Minha Kim
PEDIGREE (film) - dir. Ani Boulhari
RIVER GIPSY (documentary) - dir. Anna Snowball
RECOVERING (documentary) - dir. Grace Harper Brighouse
TREESTORY (game) - NFTS game department collective project
BAMBINA (short film) - dir. Raffele Marzocchi, cinem. Stefano Bizzarri
7 MONTHS (film) - dir. Shady El-Hamus, prod. Kamilla Hodøl
GOODBYE HEARTS (film) - dir. Thordur Palsson, prod. Emilie Jouffroy


BETTER THAN THE REST (TV) - dir. D. Gersamia, prod. M. Bulgheroni
NAPOCA (commercial)
THE LAST MANGO (sand animation) - dir. Debanjan Nandy
DEATH IN THE PLAYGROUND (sand animation) - dir. Minha Kim
GIVE ME YOUR HAND (radio drama) - coprod. R. Malone and R. Turner
PROMO for NFTS TV Entertainment MA - online at
STOP ALL THE CLOCKS (music) - Elegy for orchestra
DRINK (web video) - dir. S. Bizzarri
2 PROMOS (commercials) - dir. S. Bizzarri