I strongly condemn how social media companies are handling the enormous quantity of data they get from people like me and you for free, and how they shamelessly make money by feeding us a customised reality that does not exist.

I am trying my best to quit social media and I urge you to do the same. I have seen this fantastic thing called the Internet from very early on, and I can still see the incredible potential it carries. Social media companies are trying to steal your right to make the best use of this wonderful tool. They are providing you with content that has been paid by someone else to influence your decisions and your perception of reality.

Sometimes it is just to sell you a new phone model; sometimes it is to sell you a new president or the result of a referendum. Sometimes they show you cute cats; sometimes a massacre in live streaming.
Social media algorithms do not make any difference, they just seek for the right targets to reach (you), and this is precisely why they are very dangerous to your mental health. CEOs and such seem completely unable to admit this business model is totally fucked and is putting our lives, ALL our lives, at great stake.
Let me tell you again: this is happening NOW, it is not some dystopian interpretation of a literary future.

The Internet is NOT social media, and I urge you to investigate the difference and act accordingly.

If you want to talk to me, please call me. It's far more appreciated and we can get things done quicker. If you do not feel like it, please write me an email. Emails are still one of the fastest, non intrusive, private and honest ways to communicate with someone.

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Of all the big social network corporations, you can still find me on LinkedIn, but I do not use it for everyday communication, just to keep my records up to date.